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Bestseller Set


To touch, smell and taste products makes it easier to fall in love with them, this makes it easier to decide to purchase them and for this reason, we created, for you, the ESSENS BESTseller Set.
It is the perfect tool to start your ESSENS business because your own experience is the foundation for successful recommendations. It is also perfect for existing members to expand their product experience and to show and demonstrate these products in their presentations in order to receive better results.

It contains the following products:
ESSENS Aloe Vera After Shave Balm
ESSENS Aloe Vera Gel Drink 99,5% - grape
ESSENS Shampoo for all hair types
ESSENS Conditioner for all hair types
ESSENS Aloe Vera Shaving Foam
ESSENS Aloe Vera Toothpaste
ESSENS Aloe Vera Soft Spray
ESSENS Yogurt Maker
ESSENS Colostrum Probiotics 6pcs.
ESSENS Flow’EN 30 tablets
ESSENS Unique Perfume Set
ESSENS Colostrum 60 capsules
ESSENS Colostrum Shower Gel
ESSENS Colostrum Nourishing Cream
ESSENS Perfume W127 50ml
ESSENS Perfume M008 50ml
also includes: one set of catalogues and the BESTseller Box

Our tip: Work also with our Starter Kits so that your clients can experience the high quality of our perfumes in the comfort of their home, without costing you any time. It is also easy to ask them to show the Starter Kit to their friends and family. Offer them a reward when they collect orders for you and you will be surprised what will happen. 1 is a must, 3 to 5 increase your success.