Colostrum + Vitamin D

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Colostrum + Vitamin D

has a positive effect on the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus from food, supports bones and teeth

Colostrum ESSENS + Vitamin D can be used e.g.:
- to strengthen and optimise immune system
- as a prevention of inflammatory diseases
- to accelerate the treatment of inflammatory diseases
- to prevent decalcification of organism
- to maintain a balanced content of calcium in the blood
- to prevent thinning of the bones
- to reinforce the strength of bones and teeth
- to reduce high blood pressure

What is Colostrum?
Colostrum is the first milk produced by mammary glands after giving birth. All substances contained in colostrum help the cubs to survive in the new environment, as they ensure a natural passive immunity, by receiving of ready-made antibodies protecting against infection in the early weeks of life. Colostrum ESSENS contains bovine (cow) Colostrum (the first milk produced by mammary glands after giving birth), which ensures the highest quality of ESSENS colostrum compared with other competing products on the market. Comparing to the first yield, the second milk yield contains about 47 % to 53 % immunoglobulins and less of the other valuable substances. Their content is further reduced with another milk yields. Colostrum is valuable for the high content of vitamins, minerals, micronutrient, proteins, growth factors, protease inhibitors and immunoglobulins (especially IgG Immunoglobulin, which has an essential role in the immune system). Colostrum also contains antibodies which are effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also contains Lactoferrin - a multifunctional protein, reducing inflammation in the body. Growth factors positively influence wound healing, the creation of muscle mass, enhance nervous system and increase the overall vitality of the organism.

Why Vitamin D?
Colostrum ESSENS + Vitamin D includes vitamin D3 in the form of Cholecalciferol, which is naturally produced by UV radiation in the animal skin and it is also absorbed from certain food. Vitamin D has a wide range of beneficial effects. It supports the immune system, controls the actions of insulin in the pancreas, positively affects heart muscle, blood pressure, brain activity and overall muscular strength. It acts effectively on the production of cytokines (signalling proteins), which have strong anti-inflammatory effects in the body. Vitamin D is essential for absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestine and regulates their levels in the blood. Phosphorus and calcium are important for the structure of bones and teeth and therefore Vitamin D has a significant impact on maintaining their strength. Long-term Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased predisposition to respiratory infections and flu, connected with an overall weakening of the immune system, simultaneously thinning bones and tooth decay. What can also appear are the metabolic syndromes such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol level or reduction of insulin production.

Recommended dosage: 2 capsules per day (best in the evening before food with a sufficient quantity of water).
Ingredients: Bovine Colostrum, Provitamin D3, additive (Magnesium Stearate), the composition of the capsule (gelatine, Titanium dioxide).

Package Contents: 60 capsules

Manufactured under pharmaceutical supervision.

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