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Sun Care Set

ESSENS Sun Care Set

To achieve optimum results while sunbathing, bronzed skin without burning, minimal wrinkles and a reduction in the risk of skin diseases, we recommend buying the ESSENS Sun Care Set, which includes:

1x Before Sun Care Tablets
1x Before Sun Care Gel
1x Sun Care SPF 30
1x Sun Care SPF 50
1x After Sun Care Milk
1x ESSENS Sun Care bag
1x ESSENS Sun Care catalogue

Before Sun Care Tablets and Before Sun Care Gel are not sold separately and can be obtained only through the purchase of this exclusive Sun Care Set.

ESSENS Before Sun Care Gel 200 ml
Viscous gel with Aloe Vera for skin care before exposure to the sun. Suitable for all skin types. Reduces allergic reactions, effectively protects skin and moisturises whilst helping the skin to remain supple. Provides immediate soothing for the skin. Is without parabens.

Always apply to your skin before sun exposure. Use your hands to gently rub the gel into the skin (which is ideally dry). Let the gel absorb thoroughly.

ESSENS Before Sun Care Tablets - dietary supplement

this natural product, containing Aloe Vera, helps to prepare the skin for the sun and very effectively supports reaching a bronze tan whilst prolonging its durability.

3 tablets per day to be taken after food.
This product is without sugar, gluten or lactose.

The recommended use of ESSENS Sun Care is as follows:

1. Begin using your first ESSENS Sun Care Tablets 3 days before vacation departure. Take one pill, 3 times a
day, after main meals. Finish your remaining tablets during the holiday. These tablets were developed to
complement the human body with raw materials that produce brown pigment, accelerate tanning and help
the skin remain more tanned and glossy. The unique composition also has a positive effect on the immune system, which may be weakened by excessive exposure to the sun.
2. Prior to the application of our sunscreen, apply our Before Sun Care Gel to your skin. This creates a base for our sunscreen to sit upon ensuring it holds very well and is easily spreadable, further assisting in even protection with the help of UV filters. This gel additionally contains substances which stimulate the skin to produce more vitamin D and melanin - brown pigment.
3. Approximately 15 minutes after applying ESSENS Before Sun Care Gel, it is a good time to apply either ESSENS Sun Care SPF 30 or ESSENS Sun Care SPF 50 to the skin. The protection factor is usually selected according to the skin type and intensity of sunlight, to which it will be exposed. ESSENS Sun Care sunscreens include effective protection against both UVA and UVB rays and contain substances to assist in the accelerated browning of the skin.
4. After sunbathing, apply our ESSENS After Sun Care Milk, which is used for skin regeneration. It reduces redness and adds that much-needed hydration, thereby prolonging your tan.