ESSENS Detox set

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ESSENS Detox set

What is the detoxification of an organism?
Detoxification is the process by which the body removes the harmful effects of toxic substances and toxic gases. Among these toxic substances are cigarette smoke, chimney smoke, exhaust fumes, pesticides, heavy metals, harmful paints, improper cosmetics, toxins in beverages and foods, toxic medicaments, plastic softeners and hormones but there are many more.
Although the human body possesses the ability to expel the majority of toxic substances, it is beneficial, from time to time, to help remove the harmful products of metabolism, purify the blood and strengthen the detoxification organs, which include the liver, lungs, intestines, kidneys and skin itself.

Why is detoxification important?
Every season brings a different degree of burden to our bodies. In winter, which brings the biggest flooding of toxins to our bodies, the human organism is weakened and also suffers from the lack of exercise and sunshine. Significantly weakened skin in winter is sensitive to changes in temperature and dries rapidly. Detoxification helps improve immunity, eliminates fatigue and cleanses the liver and other internal organs. It helps improve chronic conditions such as back pain and joint pain, relieves gynaecological problems, migraines and headaches. It contributes to adjusting digestion and bowel movements and helps in the occurrence of skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Overall, it promotes help for metabolism, the immune and nervous systems and brings the body relief.

Three-month ESSENS Detox detoxification treatment consists of seven products:
1x ES’Pure Start, 2x ES’Pure, 3x Flow´EN and 1x Clea´NS

ESSENS ES´Pure Start (30 tablets)
The wide natural spectrum of B vitamins from brewer’s yeast has a positive effect on energy metabolism, the immune and the nervous systems, psychological functions and the functions of the heart, whilst also having an impact on the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion. Using ES’Pure Start in the first month of detoxification will cause ES’Pure to be more effective during the rest of the cleansing treatment.

ESSENS ES’Pure (30 tablets)
The unique proportion and a combination of magnesium, taurine and vitamins B6 and B9 has a beneficial effect on liver regeneration. B vitamins positively influence the function of the immune and the nervous system and at the same time contribute to maintaining optimal psychological function and to the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion

ESSENS ES’Pure is sold separately:
Price for ESSENS Club Members: 13.00 EUR / 10 points
Recommended retail price: 18.20 EUR

ESSENS Flow´EN (30 tablets)
The chestnut extract increases the resistance of capillaries and improves venous tone, at the same time, it has anti-inflammatory effects and accelerates the reduction of swelling. It improves the blood flow in vessels and accelerates the reduction of bruises. Vitamin C is necessary for life and for maintaining body health, an important role is played by its function of collagen formation, which is important for normal function of blood vessels.

ESSENS Clea’NS (30 tablets)
The extract from the bark of magnolia significantly improves the function of the intestinal tract and has positive effects on the excretion of parasites. Protease is a proteolytic enzyme which attacks potential parasites, splits their proteins and thus kills them and prevents the formation of toxic materials in the human organism. Vitamin A significantly contributes to maintaining the optimal condition of the mucous membranes including the intestinal tract.

Recommended usage of ESSENS Detox products:
1st month:
Flow’EN (1 tab. in the evening) + Clea’NS (1 tab. during the day) + ES’Pure Start (1 tab. in the evening)
2nd month:
Flow’EN (1 tab. in the evening) + ES’Pure (1 tab. in the evening)
3rd month:
Flow’EN (1 tab. in the evening) + ES’Pure (1 tab. in the evening)

  • 1 x ES`Pure Start
  • 1 x DETOX package leaflet
  • 3 x Flow`EN 30 tablets
  • 1 x Clea`NS 30
  • 2 x ES`Pure 30