Exclusive set of essential oils

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Exclusive set of essential oils

The gift set with 9 exclusive essential oils. Everyone who likes to indulge in a relaxed atmosphere and use aromatherapy to harmonize the soul and body will totally adore this set.

Volume: 9 x 10 ml

The set contains 100% natural essential oils:

Essential oil - Tea Tree
Tea tree has a wide range of uses, contributes to healthy skin, strengthens hair and nails. It helps heal minor skin injuries, cares for problematic skin, acne, cold sores and gingivitis, and brings relief after insect bites. It is widely used as a natural repellent even for pets. Suitable for aroma lamps, oil atomisers and for inhalation, where it helps to achieve easier breathing. Massage of strained muscles brings relief.

Essential oil - Lavender
Lavender has relaxing properties, promotes restful sleep and soothes irritated skin. Suitable for aroma lamps, oil atomisers or to scent your pillows before going to bed. It can also be applied directly onto the skin, massaged into the feet or added to skin or body creams or shampoos.

Essential oil - Thyme
Thyme is a well-known antioxidant, it has cleansing effects. It supports the overall well-being of the organism. Suitable for aroma lamps, oil atomisers and also for inhalation. It can be applied directly onto the skin or massaged into the feet or chest to ease the cold and cough.

Essential oil - Lemon
Lemon supplies energy, improves mood, immunity and has versatile uses. Suitable for aroma lamps, oil atomisers, for inhalation or add a few drops into your bath. It can be also used together with compresses or massaged into the feet or temples.

Essential oil - Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus helps to cleanse the airways, strengthens the immune system and promotes fresh respiration. Suitable for aroma lamps, oil atomisers or also for inhalation. It can be used for massaging the lower abdomen during menses. Also suitable for scenting dressing rooms and closets.

Essential oil - Lemongrass
Lemongrass tones, cleanses, sharpens the senses and supports a good mood. It repels insects.  Suitable for aroma lamps, for the whole body or foot massage. Rejuvenates the muscles of athletes after intense exercise. Can be used in oil atomisers, to spray onto clothes or even body as an effective repellent.

Essential oil - Rosemary
Rosemary relieves fatigue, encourages and contributes to better concentration. Suitable for aroma lamps, oil atomisers and also for massages. Massaging in the temples increases the concentration during studying. Scalp massage supports hair density.

Essential oil - Orange
Orange is an antioxidant, stimulates the body and mind and refreshes the skin. Suitable for aroma lamps and also oil atomisers. It can be massaged into the feet and temples. A drop rubbed into the palms and rubbed into the neck will give you energy. Suitable for skin, body creams or shower gels.

Essential oil - Peppermint
Peppermint acts against insomnia and headaches. It mobilises the senses, calms the digestive system and promotes fresh respiration. Suitable for aroma lamps, oil atomisers or for inhalation. Massage of the neck and chest relieves feelings of tension. Adds a cooling effect by using cold compresses or for foot baths.

Warning: Not intended to be ingested. When applied to the skin, use it in very small doses (1 - 2 drops), sensitive persons may dilute with another carrier oil, such as coconut.

What are essential oils?
Essential oils are highly concentrated, volatile aromatic substances that are obtained from various parts of plants. They can be found in leaves, roots, flowers, seeds and even bark. They add aroma to plants, protect them from danger, help them with pollination and are very rich in a lot of different effective and medical substances.

How do essential oils work?
The benefits of essential oils stem from plant chemistry and when these natural chemicals are correctly distilled or extracted, they can be used to help physically, mentally or emotionally during daily life.

The magic of aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is a type of alternative medicine and literally means "scent treatment", most often with essential oils. The fragrant components strengthen the balance and harmony of the organism and lead to the improvement of the overall state of the organism, i.e. body, soul and mind.

How to use the essential oils? 

Inhalation: You can drip small amounts of oils into aroma lamps or diffusers. You will enjoy the scent of the interior and create a pleasant mood according to the specification of each individual oil. It can also be combined with water to use in sprays and use it as home spray or to scent your pillows.

Massage: By massaging the oils into the skin you will achieve a pleasant feeling of relaxation, and thanks to the benefits of the specific oils, you can fully enjoy the power of these 100% natural oils. It is suitable for foot massage, relaxing the neck area and muscles, massaging into the temples or can be used with a compression bandage.

Cosmetics: Mix the oil with your favourite skin or body cream (1-2 drops are sufficient, but we recommend testing on a smaller sample first).

Bath: Add 3-5 drops to the bath or spray it onto the shower wall and enjoy the aroma created through the water vapor.

Manufacturer: ESSENS EUROPE SE, Zaoralova 3045/1e, 628 00 Brno 


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